Photo Submissions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE        October 9, 2017

CONTACT PERSON: Shannon Richard,, 844-924-6600

Call for Photography Submissions

Photography Contest Submission Guidelines

Backkground – GFWC Woman’s Club of Greater New Milford is starting a new tradition in New Milford.  We are looking for local photographers to help us in building a calendar unique to the New Milford area.  This project will be a fundraiser that showcases local photography and highlights the beauty and uniqueness of our town.

Rules – Photography will by juried by an anonymous selection process by members of WCGNM.  The coordinator of the judging will abstain from the judging process.

Photographers are allowed to submit up to 5 images: one for each season (4) and one for cover. It is highly recommended that the image file names are labeled in the following fashion:

SEASON_PhotoName.jpg   EXAMPLE: Winter_trainstation.jpg

Photos will be tracked by those names and should not include the photographers name so that judging will remain objective to the panel.

All images must be submitted without watermarks or logos.  Once judged and selected, the selected photographers’ logo or credit will appear in the calendar.  Please submit your logo with your submission.

The electronic submission form incorporates the GFWC waiver for all photography submissions.

Submission Date: All digital images must be submitted by Nov 1, 2017 11:59 PM


Entry Fees: A non-refundable entry fee of $5 per digital photo submitted is required. Maximum of 5 entries per photographer.


Judging:  Judging will take place by November 10 and the winners will be notified by November 15th (if not earlier) via email.  There will be a total of 10 full size (8”x11”) pages for use in the calendar and one cover picture.  GFWC WCGNM reserves the right to utilize 2 pages highlighting their activities in the New Milford area.


Conditions of entry – Photographers, whether professional or novice, can submit photos.  If photos contain images of people, a waiver must also be submitted for the model. All images must have been taken within the New Milford town limits.


Digital Image Settings and Information

  • Set your camera at the highest DPI image quality setting
  • To get the correct resolution find the pixel dimension that your camera imports.
  • For example an image that imports at 2304 x 1720 at 72 DPI the size will be 32x24 inches. (2304/72=32 and 1720/72=24)
  • To find out what the largest image size would be at optimal resolution divide your pixel dimension by 300. Using the same pixel dimension as above results in 7.68 x 5.76 at 300 DPI. (2304/300=7.68 and 1728/300=5.76)
  • Images should be submitted in JPG format

Each artist whose photo is selected, will receive a complimentary calendar.

Calendars will be printed and available for sale tentatively by Dec 2 at our annual Holiday Bazaar (Sat Dec 2, United Methodist Church 10-3). The targeted price for the calendars is $15.

Photography Submission Form


Calendar Fundraiser

Calendars will be printed via PrintingCenterUSA.  One of their main goals is to help non-profits in designing and printing fundraising campaigns.

You can check out their calendar website here:

And their Brochures page here: