Ad Placements

GFWC Woman’s Club of Greater New Milford is starting a new tradition in New Milford.  We are looking for local photographers to help us in building a calendar unique to the New Milford area.  This project will be a fundraiser that showcases local photography and highlights the beauty and uniqueness of our town.

The calendar is set to be a standard 8.5″ x 11″ when closed.  When open it will be 17″ by 11″.  Ad space will be along the bottom of the calendar page. Several examples of a similar layout are to the right.

The format we are working towards is a maximum of 3 businesses/logos per calendar page.  Prices would be as follows:

1/3 = $20

1/2 = $30

2/3 = $40

3/3 = $60 (full Calendar page bottom)

To sign up for to advertise with us, please fill out the submission form below.  All requests will be reviewed and approved prior to any payments being accepted.

We will then invoice you or send a payment request to you via PayPal or Square. Invoices can be used for those who would like to write a check.

Please submit business information and logo/advert with preferences via the following form:

2019 Advertising Submission Form

All requests will be reviewed and approved prior to any payments being received.


Calendar Fundraiser


Calendars will be printed via PrintingCenterUSA.  One of their main goals is to help non-profits in designing and printing fundraising campaigns.

You can check out their calendar website here:

And their Brochures page here: